Revision Breast Augmentation


What is a Revision Breast Augmentation?

While many women are happy with their breast augmentation performed by other surgeons, some patients come to us seeking revision surgery after unsatisfactory results from their initial procedure. These feelings of unhappiness may be caused by the shape, size or placement of the implant, or by complications that occurred after the procedure. Other patients also come to us because of safety concerns caused by their initial procedure. Even patients who are happy with the results of their initial procedure require additional procedures to replace their implants after a certain amount of time.

Revision breast augmentation is often performed through a procedure very similar to the initial augmentation surgery, with slight modifications made depending on the reason for revision. After these procedures, patients are able to fully enjoy the breast size, shape and position they desire.

Different Breast Implants Sizes

After their first breast augmentation, many women discover that they actually want their breasts to be larger or smaller than the results achieved during the initial procedure. A different implant size may also be desired several years after the initial procedure after the natural breast volume has been affected by weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging.

This is the most common reason that patients seek revision surgery. During this type of revision procedure, the same incision is used to remove the old implants and insert a different implant based on the patient’s individual body. Small adjustments may be required in order to accommodate the new breast size.

Patients seeking changes to their implant size are advised to wait at least three months after the initial procedure before undergoing revision augmentation. After three months, the swelling has subsided and the implants have settled, allowing patients to evaluate the true size of their implants. From there, revisions can be made if desired.

Implant Leaks/Ruptures

Saline breast implants that begin to leak are often noticeable, as the leaking breast will gradually decrease in size. Patients with silicone implant leaks may notice small changes in the shape of the breast but should have any suspected leaks or ruptures confirmed by a plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon may perform an evaluation through a mammogram or MRI to evaluate the status of your implants.

A leaking or ruptured implant should be replaced right away and can be done through the same incision as the initial procedure. This procedure is often easier and less painful than the first procedure, and patients can benefit from a faster recovery as well.

Implant Complications

There is always a risk of certain complications and side effects from a breast augmentation procedure. Some of these complications may include wrinkling and rippling of the implant, capsular contracture, and shifting of the implants. Wrinkling and rippling occur most often in women with thin skin or a small amount of natural breast tissue, and can often be felt when touching the breast and may even be visible under the skin. Capsular contracture involves hardening of the breasts and a change in shape as well as scar tissue developing around the implant.

There are several solutions available to help correct these complications. Changing the size, shape, position or type of implant is often helpful in relieving these problems and correcting the look and feel of the breasts.

Why you should choose Dr. Trussler for your Secondary Breast surgery

Revision procedures can often be avoided by choosing a plastic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in breast augmentation. Dr. Andrew Trussler’s will work one-on-one with you to achieve the precise results you desire and deserve with a minimized risk of complications during or after your procedure. Our doctors have years of experience performing breast augmentation for many satisfied patients.

Patient Testimonial

“After doing a lot of research, I chose Dr Trussler based on the abundance of positive reviews and the amazing results in his before and after pictures. Being almost 10 weeks post op, I can definitely say that I made the best choice. From the consultation, to the surgery, to all of the post op appointments, I was pleased with the professionalism, kindness, time spent answering all of my questions, and meticulousness from Dr Trussler and every single member of his staff. I received an extensive procedure in which I healed quickly and relatively pain free. My results are beyond all expectations I had. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Dr Trussler for any surgical or non-surgical procedures. He truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful to him and his entire staff.”

-Carrie K.

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Whether you have a question or would like to set up a revision breast augmentation consultation in Austin, Texas, Dr. Trussler and his staff are here to help. Please fill out our contact form, or call our office at  512-450-1077 to schedule an appointment. Start your journey to not only looking better, but feeling better today!


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“I’m very happy with my breast augmentation! Dr. Trussler did a breast augmentation and did a fabulous job. A very special thank u to the staff at the clinic as well, follow up visit amazing. Would highly recommend, Andrew P. Trussler, MD - Austin Plastic Surgery if you want the BEST!”

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